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EDPMA Reception at ACEP24

Monday, September 30, 2024
6p – 8p PST

Rhythm & Riffs
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino – Las Vegas
Casino Floor


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Walking Directions From The Front Desk
From the front desk, begin walking through the casino floor past the Noodle Shop. Rhythm & Riffs will be straight ahead.

The Power of State Advocacy – Presented by the EDPMA State Regulatory and Insurance Committee (SRIC) 

Are You Ready To Be A Changemaker In Your State? 

Attend The Power of State Advocacy members-only free webinar to learn how state advocacy can drive policy change.  

Members will gain insights into effective communication strategies, building strong relationships with state officials, and understanding the immediate impact policies can have at the state level.  

Presented by our State Regulatory and Insurance Committee, this program will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective state advocates. 

Thursday, February 29
2pm EST 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the importance of effective communication in state advocacy: 
    1. Explore different communication channels such as writing persuasive letters, making phone calls, and utilizing social media platforms. 
    2. Learn how to tailor messaging to resonate with state policymakers and constituents.
    3. Analyze successful communication strategies used in previous state advocacy campaigns.
  2. Develop relationship-building skills to enhance state advocacy efforts:
    1. Explore techniques for cultivating relationships with state officials, elected representatives, and key stakeholders.
    2. Understand the benefits of building coalitions and collaborating with other advocacy organizations.
    3. Gain insights into the art of fostering long-term relationships for sustained policy influence.
  3. Recognize the immediate impact of policies at the state level:
    1. Explore case studies that demonstrate how state policies can swiftly affect communities and individuals.
    2. Learn how state-level policy changes can set precedents and influence broader national policies. 

After this 60-minute webinar, members will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to engage in effective state advocacy. You will understand the importance of communication, relationship-building, and the immediate impacts of policies at the state level, ultimately empowering you to make a difference in their communities through advocacy efforts.

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2024 EDPMA Solutions Summit

Join us in Seattle for Solutions Summit 2024, a one-of-a-kind education and networking conference. Plus 5 meals and 2 receptions.

The 2024 Solutions Summit is the most comprehensive conference on the business of emergency medicine covering topics you care about including the No Surprises Act, reimbursement and regulatory policy, independent dispute resolution, revenue cycle management, and much more.

Why Attend Solutions Summit?

Attending the 2024 Solutions Summit has never been more essential. Last year at the 2023 Summit, we saw our largest turnout ever because attendees know that at this conference they can experience:

  • Exceptional Faculty: Gain insights from thought leaders and disrupters in the business of emergency medicine. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network. 
  • Cutting-edge Sessions to enhance your skills and knowledge. 
  • Innovative Exhibitors: Explore the latest products and services from top companies in the field. 
  • Exclusive Access: Be among the first to access best practices and industry trends. 

Interested in sponsorship or exhibiting? Contact Joanne at

NOTE: Registered attendees will receive a link to the official Solutions Summit room block in their confirmation email.  Since we make every effort to secure the lowest rate, we ask that you only make your hotel reservations through our special link. We strongly urge attendees NOT to use a third-party vendor to make their hotel reservations. 

2024 Solutions Summit Agenda At A Glance

April 26-30, 2024
Seattle, WA

Friday, April 26 – Pre-Conference Reception (tentative)
Saturday, April 27 – Committee Programming, Exhibitor Set-up & Welcome Reception
Sunday, April 28 – Summit Day 1
Monday, April 29 – Summit Day 2, Exhibitor Tear Down & Closing Reception
Tuesday, April 30 – Summit programming concludes at 12p; Tuesday features dynamic hard-hitting topics, so stay for the entire conference!

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2024 RCM Updates: Moving Regulations to Practice Virtual Workshop

EDPMA’s 2024 RCM Update: Moving Beyond Regulation to Practice virtual workshop will raise your expertise so you are ready for 2024 reimbursement changes and challenges.  

Through rapid fire and deep dive interactive sessions, you will learn optimal reimbursement practices to strengthen your organization and your clients’ bottom line.  

Workshop Focuses On Updates and Best Practices In:  

  • Addressing Bad Payer Behavior 
  • Coding (plus hands-on coding exercises) 
  • Documentation 
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule 
  • MIPS 
  • Split/Shared 
  • Telehealth

Workshop Agenda and Faculty:

  • Medicare by the Numbers: The Basic Tenets of Physician Reimbursement  (15 minutes)

Andrea Brault, MD, MMM, FACEP – President and CEO, Brault Practice Solutions

  • MIPS and MVPs: The Evolving Landscape of Medicare Reimbursement  (45 minutes)

Andrea Brault, MD, MMM, FACEP – President and CEO, Brault Practice Solutions

  • Understanding Payer Behavior: A Panel Discussion  (45 minutes)

Patrick Velliky – Vice President Government Affairs, Envision Health

Eric Swartz – Deputy General Counsel, ApolloMD

Moderator: Casey Crane, MBA, RN, BSN – Senior Vice President of Operations, Core Clinical Partners

  • Telehealth Reimbursement: What’s In, What’s Out for 2024  (30 minutes)

Juli Forde Smith – Director of Strategic Partnerships, Zoll Data Systems

  • Case Studies in Coding (45 minutes)

Jacquie Bratcher, CPC, CEDC – Senior Director of Coding, R1 RCM

Bart Robinson – Director of Coding Quality, Core Clinical Partners

Theresa Schwegmann, RHIA, CPC – Vice President of Coding Services, SCP Health

Moderator: Jason Adler, MD, FACEP, FAAEM – Vice President of Coding, LogixHealth


*There is a 10 minutes break for attendees during this workshop

Sessions will be presented at the 300 and 400 level. 

Who Should Attend?  

Leaders in: 

  • Coding 
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Compliance and Audits 
  • Documentation

Thursday, January 18
1p – 4p EST 

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WebinarPLUS: Unpacking the Final Rule – MIPS + Medicare PFS

This webinar is designed to provide EDPMA members like you with insight into the latest news on Medicare reimbursement, including detailed updates on MIPS, the new Emergency Medicine MVP, and other topics covered under the Final Rule. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and ask questions on how to prepare for the coming year.

November 30, 2023 – 1:00pm ET

This webinar is sponsored by Brault. Click here to register.

Webinar+ Four Key Pillars to Denial Prevention Sponsored by Waystar

Join us for an informative and engaging webinar that delves into the critical aspects of denial prevention in the modern world. Denial prevention is an essential component of safeguarding your organization’s assets, reputation, and security. In this webinar, we will explore the four key pillars that form the foundation of effective denial prevention strategies.

November 1, 2023 – 1:00pm ET

Cost: Free to EDPMA Members.

Location: Hosted on Zoom (Zoom link received upon registration)

Faculty:  Christine Fontaine, Solution Strategist, Waystar

Click here to register.

Statement on New Federal Guidance on the No Surprises Act

On Friday October 6th, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced new guidance in response to the August ruling in Texas Medical Association v. United States Department of Health and Human Services (“TMA III”) that vacated several provisions of the existing No Surprises Act (NSA) regulations. Our organizations are strongly opposed to this newest guidance, which further broadens the already significant discretion health plans had on how they may calculate qualifying payment amounts (QPAs) under the NSA’s original implementation.  In the announcement, the Departments state that no additional guidance is expected to be provided to health plans about how to calculate the QPA, and instead, simply leaves insurers the discretion to calculate QPAs using their own “good faith” interpretation of the TMA III ruling and remaining regulations. Read more.

EDPMA and Others Urge HHS to Reopen The Federal IDR Portal

As the No Surprises Act’s Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) portal surpasses the 8-week mark since its halt of full operations for the filing of new IDRs, the American College of Emergency Physicians, American College of Radiology, American Society for Anesthesiology, the Emergency Department Practice Management Association, and Radiology Business Management Association together urged the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to reopen the national portal. Read More.

EDPMA Files Amicus Brief to Support TMA II Appeal

On September 18, EDPMA filed an amicus brief in the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in support of the challenge by the Texas Medical Association to a provision of the Final Regulation of the Department of Health and Human Services under the No Surprises Act (“NSA”).  The challenged provision implicitly calls upon Independent Dispute Resolution (“IDR”) entities to give paramount importance to the Qualifying Payment Amount (“QPA”) in the IDR process under the NSA. Our brief explains why the district court was correct in concluding that the provision wrongly tilts that process in favor of insurers — and is contrary both to the language of the NSA and to the congressional goal of assuring fair payment to out-of-network physicians.

Our brief highlights the problems caused by the challenged provision for emergency physicians and for patients. It provides factual support, based in part on EDPMA studies, that insurers’ manipulation of the QPA has adversely affected not only out-of-network payments, but in-network payments as well.  It stresses that, in light of EMTALA and other factors, the challenged provision would be particularly harmful for the delivery of emergency medical care to patients.

The issues in the case are still being briefed, and we don’t know when the Court of Appeals is likely to issue a ruling.  But we have taken a strong stand in support of our members and the patients we serve.  See the EDPMA brief here.

EDPMA New Member Spotlight: PearsonRavitz

PearsonRavitz is a physician-founded, physician-led disability and life insurance advisory firm. With deep industry expertise, we specialize in offering tailored insurance solutions to medical professionals. We are committed to safeguarding physicians’ well-being, careers, and families through education and empowerment.

As an OB/GYN at the pinnacle of her career, a shoulder injury abruptly ended Dr. Stephanie Pearson’s medical practice. This experience showed her how crucial disability insurance is for physicians, and in 2017, she co-founded PearsonRavitz, a disability and life insurance brokerage. Fueled by her own struggle and the loss of her physician identity, she became an advocate, educating and empowering her fellow physicians so that they can protect their health, career, and families.

When asked why PearsonRavitz joined EDPMA, Dr. Pearson stated, “I joined EDPMA because I believe in their mission to provide high quality, cost-effective care in emergency rooms nationwide. As a physician myself, I admire the support that EDPMA provides to our nation’s emergency room physicians.”

When asked to describe PearsonRavitz, Dr. Pearson noted, “When we founded PearsonRavitz, we knew that we wanted our company to reflect our core values of Ownership, Transparency, Empathy, and Respect at every level. From our employees to our clients, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that everyone experiences those values when they become a part of our network.”

When asked what motivates Dr. Pearson, she shared, “After I experienced a career-ending injury during the prime of my career as an OBGYN, I discovered that my disability insurance didn’t provide the coverage I needed to protect my health and family. I have since made it my mission – and my second career – to ensure that other physicians are educated and empowered to make decisions that protect their ability to earn income and care for the people they love.”

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