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EDPMA Virtual Town Hall

Wednesday, June 28
1p – 2p EDT / 2p – 3p CDT

We are excited to bring the EDPMA community together for an interactive and engaging discussion on what matters most to our members.

Led by EDPMA Chair, Dr. Andrea Brault, we will update you on recent initiatives and resources, share what EDPMA is currently doing, and actively listen to your ideas and concerns that will help shape what we do next. Click here to register!

The Impact of The Healthcare Landscape on Emergency Medicine Physician Practices

EDPMA knows that Envision Healthcare’s challenges are not unique. Factors like workforce shortages, wage inflation, NSA flawed implementation, lower physician reimbursement & unchecked payer practices harm our healthcare system & threaten the ED safety net. Read our statement.

EDPMA advocates for policies protecting emergency care access. While Envision Healthcare ensured their clinicians & patients will not be impacted by restructuring, it’s a foreshadowing to groups facing challenges because of NSA implementation & unchecked payer practices. Our statement.

EDPMA files Amicus Brief in the Haller Case

The Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA) strongly supports the goal of the No Surprises Act – to keep patients out of the middle of billing disputes.  


A lawsuit on appeal before the Second Circuit has sought to dismantle the No Surprises Act (NSA) by holding it unconstitutional.  The EDPMA supports the NSA and the patient protections it affords patients however the EDPMA and its partners believe the courts could side with the defendants in this case and make Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process the exclusive remedy for resolving billing disputes between payers and providers.  For EDPMA, access to courts to pursue out-of-network billing disputes is paramount. EDPMA encourages the court to preserve the NSA and its patient protections, while also preserving providers’ access to the courts as a viable alternative to IDR.  


Insurers have abused the NSA and have used it as a tool to slash physician reimbursement. Patient access to care, particularly in the critical emergency medicine context, depends on physicians having efficient and economical means to resolve billing disputes. Accordingly, EDPMA encourages the court to affirm that the No Surprises Act does not interfere with a physician’s right to pursue all available legal remedies, including litigation, to obtain fair reimbursement from insurers. That’s why EDPMA continues to advocate for its members and patients,” says Andrea Brault MD FACEP, EDPMA Chair of the Board. 

Click here to view the Amicus Brief.

EDPMA Members-Only Virtual Lunch and Learn: Keeping Health Plans + IDREs Legit

Learn how to combat reasons for payer denial of claims in IDR with actual NSA statute language, and benefit from a curated list of what IDREs MUST do and CANNOT do to strengthen your success rate in the IDR process.

Date: Monday, May 22
Time: 1pm – 2pm EST

Audience: Physician Groups + RCM Operations Managers

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EDPMA Study Reveals 91% of Claims Filed Through the Independent Dispute Resolution Process Remain Open and Unadjudicated Due to the Flawed Implementation of the No Surprises Act

And almost 96% of outstanding claims are 5+ months old. Read more here.

EDPMA Files Amicus Brief in Support of TMA IV Lawsuit

On February 21, 2023, EDPMA filed an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit led by Texas Medical Association (TMA) that demands the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Labor and the Department of Treasury (the Departments) reverse its 600% administrative fee increase for clinicians to participate in the Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process as intended by the No Surprises Act.  The dramatic, unprecedented increase in initial fees disproportionately affects providers, favors health plans, and will hurt patients.

Read the amicus brief and press release. 

EDPMA Chair Pushes for Clarity and Urgency in Restarting The Federal Independent Dispute Resolutions Process

EDPMA Chair of the Board, Don Powell, DO FACEP, released the following statement regarding the summary judgement issued in favor of the Texas Medical Association (TMA), Dr. Adam Corley and UT Tyler Regional Hospital (collectively “The TMA Plaintiffs”) in “TMA II” and CMS’ subsequent freeze of the federal Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process… read more.

EDPMA Files Amicus Brief in Support of TMA III

On January 31, 2023, EDPMA filed an amicus brief in support of the Texas Medical Assocation (TMA) to ensure the fair and equitable implementation of the No Surprises Act as intended. The TMA’s third lawsuit filed against the federal government asserts that the methodology to calculate the Qualified Payment Amount (QPA) is not only flawed but favors commercial health plan insurers and violates the Congressional intent of the No Surprises Act. TMA’s claims align with EDPMA’s members’ experiences.  Read the amicus brief here and press release here

EDPMA Study Reveals 32% Decrease in OON payments due to the flawed implementation of the No Surprises Act

Emergency medicine physician groups are expected to lose almost $1 billion annually, threatening patient access to emergency care. Read more here

EDPMA Supports TMA IV Law Suit

EDPMA Supports The Texas Medical Association’s Opposition To A 600% Increase In Administrative Fees For Physicians Utilizing The No Surprises Act Independent Dispute Resolution. Read more here.