EMerging Leaders Academy

View the Emerging Leaders Academy Class of 2025

Are you ready for the next level in leadership in the business of emergency medicine? 

Do you want to connect with others at a similar point in their career to grow and learn together?

Then EDPMA’s EMerging Leaders Academy may be for you!  

Emerging leaders will meet virtually and in person six times a year to learn about the business of emergency medicine and leadership skills to poise you for the next chapter of your career.  

Time and Financial Commitment 

Each class will meet every other month for a 90-minute session. To successfully graduate from the course, you must attend at least 75% of the virtual and in-person sessions (5 classes). Attendance at Solutions Summit and in-person workshops highly recommended. 


Subject matter experts and leaders in emergency medicine will lead each session. The sessions will focus on both leadership skills adapted for emergency medicine, followed by core curriculum. Some of the content EMerging Leaders will cover include: 

  • EDPMA 101
  • ABCs and Acronyms
  • Hot Topics
  • Billing and Coding
  • Federal Advocacy
  • State Advocacy
  • and more!

The class of 2024 kicks off at Solutions Summit 2023 in Las Vegas. Monday, April 17 – EMerging Leader sessions and Tuesday, April 18 –  EMerging Leaders Mixer

Date Time Session Instructor 
June 13, 2023 4:30pm ABC’s and Acronyms Brian Unell
Dr. Sue Good
August 8, 2023 4:30pm Fundamentals of Advocacy, Federal Patrick Velliky
Brian Unell
October, 24, 2023  4:30pm Fundamentals of Advocacy, State Patrick Velliky
Brian Unell
December 12, 2023  4:30pm Billing and Coding Greer Contreras
Cara Friederich
Brian Unell
February 13, 2024  4:30pm Hot Topics Brian Unell

Please note, times listed are in EDT.

Optional Sessions

Date Time Session Instructor 
May 9, 2023 4:30pm History of Emergency Medicine Dr. Lynn Massingale
September 12, 2023 4:30pm Payer Relationships and Contracts Dr. Bing Pao
November 14, 2023 EDPMA Lobby Day in Washington DC
January 9, 2024 4:30pm Fundamentals of Civics Aron Goldfeld
March 12, 2024 4:30pm Leadership in Times of Change Dr. Andrea Brault

Please note, times listed are in EDT.

Class of 2024 Graduation – April 26 – 30 at the Solutions Summit in Seattle

EMerging Leaders Academy Co-Directors 

Alden Cartwright – VantageHealth.ai 

Courtney Franco – Imagine Software

EDPMA 2024 EMerging Leaders

Congratulations to our 2024 EMerging Leaders!

Dr. Matt Bernard – NuTex Health

Dr. Christen Kegarise – Vituity

Dr. Daewon Kim – Vituity

Dr. Elisabeth Giblin – Vituity

Dr. Patrick Hanlon – Vituity

Reggie Hodges – Capio

Ryan McMillan – US Acute Care Solutions

Jason Meyer – ZOLL Data Systems

Dr. Nels Neander – Washington Emergency Care Physicians

Dr. Dale Quirke – Wake Emergency Physicians

Dr. Vikram Raj – Vituity

Bart Robinson – Core Clinical Partners

Dr. Mike Ruzek -Envision Physician Services

Theresa Schwegmann – SCP Health

Dr. Vineet Sharma – EMRA

Sasha Storsin – US Acute Care Solutions

Matt Tamez – Phoenix Coding & Consulting Services

Dr. Ryan Tomberg – Emergency Physicians of Tidewater

Dr. Heather Walker – Westmoreland Emergency Medicine Specialists

Do You Want to Be an EDPMA EMerging Leader?

Applications for the Class of 2026 will open in late 2024.

Questions About the EMerging Leaders Academy?

Contact Cathey Wise at cathey.wise@edpma.org.