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Capio helps healthcare providers and physician organizations increase cashflow while lowering their bad debt expense and delivering compassionate, flexible resolution solutions to millions of patients burdened by medical debt. We’ve partnered with more than 1,000 provider clients across the US, and advocate for patient-centered collections to help patients pay what they can afford and achieve long-term financial wellness.

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The Cascade365 Family of Companies provides accounts receivable liquidity solutions to the healthcare industry through its innovative suite of services, including AR purchase and finance, third-party collection servicing and revenue cycle optimization. Cascade365 is committed to promoting financial accountability while treating patient-guarantors in a fair, dignified, and lawful manner. Cascade365’s patient-friendly focus includes income-based settlements and debt forgiveness.

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HaloMD specializes in enhancing the financial sustainability of out-of-network healthcare providers, particularly focusing on the nuances of Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) in the context of the No Surprises Act. Our approach leverages sophisticated technology, deep understanding of healthcare policy, and expertise in out-of-network revenue cycle management to streamline IDR processes. This strategic focus ensures optimized revenue recovery for Emergency Departments and other healthcare providers facing the challenges of out-of-network reimbursements. By prioritizing financial stability and efficiency, HaloMD empowers healthcare providers to maintain their focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

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ImagineSoftware™ is the leading provider of revenue cycle management technology, including medical billing automation software and Artificial Intelligence-driven platforms. Offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, physician practices and hospitals for over 20 years, ImagineSoftware™ currently serves more than 75,000 physicians across 43 specialties. ImagineSoftware™ solutions improve financial efficiency, build provider reputations, and ultimately improve the patient experience. For more information, visit and follow us on twitter @ImagineTeam or connect with us on LinkedIn “ImagineSoftware (Technology Partners, LLC).”

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Intellivo provides technology-enabled pre-bill and post-pay TPL identification and full recovery solutions for complex claims that improve payment accuracy, maximize savings, increase recovery speed, and provide a positive experience for providers and patients and for health plans and plan members. Intellivo illuminates the full story behind healthcare costs sparking opportunities for measurable savings and returns and empowers providers, health plans and consumers to take control of healthcare costs. For more information, please visit

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At Medlytix, our mission is to help hospitals and other providers strengthen financial performance and impart even greater benefit to the communities that they serve. Our revenue enhancement solutions ensure providers get accurately reimbursed for the work they do. Our solutions focus on identifying new billable insurance coverages and moving accounts from lower to a higher reimbursement group. The solutions are contingency fee based, meaning we only get paid when you get paid. Plus, there are no set-up fees, and we provide free POC’s. We are the only reimbursement intelligence partner you need with proven, precise, and personalized solutions. There is a reason more than 1,600 hospitals and providers trust us today.

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Pettigrew Medical Business Services

PETTIGREW Medical Business Services is an accredited and diversified industry leader creating customized solutions to meet your specific revenue building needs. For over 30 years, PETTIGREW has been a trusted partner of provider groups, billing companies, and hospital systems. We take pride in delivering the results our clients expect through proven healthcare profitability solutions.

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R1 is the leading provider of technology-driven solutions that transform the patient experience and financial performance of hospitals, health systems and medical groups. We are the one company that combines the deep expertise of a global workforce of revenue cycle professionals with the industry’s most advanced technology platform, encompassing sophisticated analytics, AI, intelligent automation, and workflow orchestration.

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Ventra Health

Ventra Health is a leading business solutions provider for facility-based physicians practicing Emergency Medicine. Focused on revenue cycle management and advisory services, Ventra partners with private practices, hospitals, health systems, and ambulatory surgery centers to deliver transparent and data-driven solutions that solve the most complex revenue and reimbursement issues, enabling clinicians to focus on providing outstanding care to their patients and communities. Visit us at for more information.

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Zotec Partners

Zotec Partners is the largest privately held provider of emergency medicine revenue cycle and practice management services in the United States, delivering comprehensive solutions to emergency medicine groups and emergency medicine physicians nationwide. It uses proprietary revenue cycle management technology paired with experienced professionals who provide exceptional personal service, yielding measurable client results that are unmatched in the emergency medicine industry.

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