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EDPMA is pleased to bring you our Vendor Showcase, where you can find links to products and services that will benefit your practice.

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Capio helps healthcare providers and physician organizations increase cashflow while lowering their bad debt expense and delivering compassionate, flexible resolution solutions to millions of patients burdened by medical debt. We’ve partnered with more than 900 provider clients across the US, and advocate for patient-centered collections to help patients pay what they can afford and achieve long-term financial wellness.

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Cascade365 is a family of companies that provide accounts receivable liquidity solutions to the healthcare industry. The Cascade365 suite of solutions include Bad Debt Purchase, Master Servicing, Third Party Collections and Revenue Cycle Optimization.

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Fathom Health

Fathom is the global leader in ED coding automation, autocoding 80-90% of encounters at superhuman accuracy for the nation’s largest billing companies and physician groups.

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Ventra Health

DuvaSawko, abeo, and Gottlieb are now Ventra Health! We are experts in optimizing hospital-based specialties like emergency medicine through tech-enabled RCM platforms and advisory solutions.

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Zotec Partners

Zotec Partners is the largest privately-held provider of emergency medicine revenue cycle and practice management services in the United States, delivering comprehensive solutions to emergency departments, emergency medicine groups and emergency medicine physicians nationwide. It uses proprietary revenue cycle management technology paired with experienced professionals who provide exceptional personal service, yielding measurable client results that are unmatched in the emergency medicine industry.

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