Benefits of Membership

EDPMA is Your Voice in the Emergency Department Community

EDPMA is the nation’s only professional physician trade association focused on the delivery of high quality, cost-effective care in the emergency department.

Together, EDPMA members see or support 60% of all annual emergency department (ED) visits in the country and provide direct patient care to 40% of all ED visits.

From advocacy to education, EDPMA provides unmatched access to decision makers, monitors federal and state activity, educates on best practices, and keeps you up-to-date on the key issues and services affecting your business and your bottom line.

EDPMA provides the community, connections, education, advocacy and resources to impact your bottom line so your organization thrives.

As a trade association, EDPMA members are companies and include five classes of members:

  • Physician groups that staff emergency departments
  • RCM/Billing Companies
  • Supporting organizations that serve physician groups that staff emergency departments
  • Freestanding Emergency Centers
  • Affiliate membership

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Why Members Love EDPMA

Hear from some of our members on why EDPMA has been beneficial to their organization’s success.

Andrea Brault, MD, MMM, FACEP
President and Chief Executive Officer, Brault

Andrea Brault

As an EDPMA organization, our employees are able to participate in committees that provide them contacts and make their jobs easier. Brault is able to reach out to EDPMA members across the nation and gather critical information within hours of new announcements by payers or noticing new payer behavior. Our providers meet similar groups at Solutions Summit and take away best practice. This is the Organization to belong to.

Don H Powell, DO, FACEP
President- Medical Management Specialists, Executive Committee - Emergency Care Specialists

Don Powell, DO, FACEP

In an ever-changing payor and reimbursement world, EDPMA has been an invaluable resource for our group. From lobbying for balanced billing, to out-of-network payment standards, to bad payor behaviors such as non- emergent diagnosis denials, EDPMA continues to be the preeminent organization in protecting emergency medicine reimbursement.

David Ernst, MD, FACEP
President, EPOWERdoc, Inc.

David Ernst

We joined EDPMA as an organization after several years of considering the potential benefits. After doing so, it became immediately apparent that we should have done so years ago. The education, networking, and participation benefits have economically far exceeded our membership expense. We have been given the opportunity to actually influence policy that protects and benefits EM as a whole and helps secure our position in the marketplace.

Ed Gaines, JD, CPP
Chief Compliance Officer, Zotec Partners

Ed Gaines

EDPMA along with its coalition partners has been successful in defeating out of network (OON) balance billing prohibitions in numerous states. This likely avoided significant reductions in commercial payor revenue in these states. EDPMA also helped lead the development of a solution to the OON conundrum that removes the patient from the reimbursement disputes with health plans and provides fair coverage for emergency services.

Bing Pao, MD
Director of Provider Relations, Vituity

Bing Pao

As a result of EDPMA’s advocacy efforts reversing the Medicaid down coding policy in Kansas, Vituity expects to recover over $130,000. The policy change also avoids future losses that would have occurred if the policy was not rescinded. EDPMA membership is worth several times the amount Vituity has paid in dues.

Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP
Chief Medical Officer, SCP Health

Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP

EDPMA is an extremely nimble and responsive organization.  We utilize significant decision makers in each member organization, and routinely mobilize effective, large scale responses to burning issues and emerging concerns that affect emergency medicine care.

What Physician Group members say about their EDPMA membership:

  • EDPMA saves me money. The “wins” or delays of bad bills have saved my company more than my membership dues amount.
  • EDPMA gives me direct access. EDPMA offers me direct access to experts in federal and state advocacy, the No Surprises Act, coding issues, the prudent layperson standard and more.
  • EDPMA helps solve my problems. EDPMA offers problem solving in a collaborative environment with experts in emergency medicine.
  • EDPMA educates. EDPMA educates my leaders on regulations and policy that impact my business and my bottom line.
  • EDPMA informs. EDPMA’s information keeps us up-to-date in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • EDPMA has my back. EDPMA has my back with CMS and other agencies, Capitol HIll, State Houses and the specialty. They amplify my voice to influence change that impacts my business and my bottom line.

What RCM Company members say about their EDPMA membership:

  • EDPMA gives my company an edge. EDPMA quickly gives me need-to-know information to position my company as the RCM expert, able to advise clients and strengthen their bottom line.
  • EDPMA educates. EDPMA helps me learn best practices in the ever-changing world of EM practice management.
  • EDPMA informs. EDPMA membership offers real-time access to information, changes in regulation and law that directly impacts my bottom line.
  • EDPMA connects me with decision makers. EDPMA’s member organizations are represented by decision makers. Access to these decision makers helps me create and build client and prospect relationships.

What Supporting Organization members say about their EDPMA membership:

  • EDPMA connects me with decision makers. Being an EDPMA member connects you with C-suite decision makers in physician groups nationwide.
  • EDPMA positions me and my company as an expert. With just-in-time information that impacts my business and my clients’ business, EDPMA keeps me and my team informed. They sift through regulations and policies to delver the must know and easily digestible content so we can position ourselves as subject matter experts to our clients.
  • EDPMA impacts my bottom line. EDPMA membership offers real-time access to information, changes in regulation and law that directly impacts my bottom line.
  • EDPMA helps my company adapt. EDPMA provides detailed regulatory and reimbursement changes helps us position our company to best adapt and take advantage of the future landscape in the business of emergency medicine.
  • EDPMA augments my team. EDPMA’s education in best practices helps train my staff and develop their expertise. By trusting EDPMAt o deliver needed information, I free my time to work on other projects.

Learn more about membership with EDPMA by contacting Joanne Tanner at

What Does EDPMA Do for Its Membership?

EDPMA Advocates – EDPMA is your voice before Congress, CMS, State-level decision makers, and private payers on Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement, Quality Reporting, Documentation Requirements, Provider Enrollment, and more.

  • Alerts ensuring that you hear about key legislative and regulatory actions, court decisions, and guidance immediately after they are released.
  • A monthly Advocacy Newsletter summarizing EDPMA’s advocacy efforts and CMS, Congressional, and state-level activity
  • Grassroots campaigns to add your voice to help solve legislative issues

EDPMA Educates– With federal and state governments implementing the No Surprises Act and the private sector finding creative ways to take the lead, EDPMA keeps you up to date with:

  • Updates to the EDPMA website where you can access the information when it is convenient for you.
  • Solutions Summit – The premiere conference on the business of emergency medicine.
  • Webinars: where you can learn best practices from leaders in emergency medicine
  • Toolboxes: where you learn from those who already faced your issues
  • Virtual and In-Person Workshops: deep dives into topics impacting your business

EDPMA Connects – Members frequently say that the connections and collaborations is what makes EDPMA special.

  • Monthly Committee Meetings providing a productive atmosphere for developing strategies for solving issues facing the industry
  • Weekly CONNECT Newsletter informing you about advocacy, education and connection opportunities
  • The EMerging Leaders Academy
  • Networking – EDPMA members regularly work together at committee meetings and conference calls, on state-level task forces, and when working with our many coalition partners.

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For information about EDPMA membership, contact Joanne Tanner at or 301-351-8722. View the EDPMA Membership Guidelines to learn more about what’s involved in an EDPMA membership.

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