EDPMA created the Special Project Fund to meet the eminent needs of non-budgeted items like supporting key legal action to protect the financial health of emergency medicine.  

The Special Projects Fund Working for You: Court Room Advocacy 

We filed six amicus briefs to support lawsuits led by the Texas Medical Association.  

LITIGATION WIN: EDPMA Supported the TMA I and TMA II lawsuits resulting in the court abandoning the rebuttable presumption term and ensured that arbitrators should not weigh one factor more heavily than others. These milestone rulings triggered revised regulations that better level the playing field for providers. This is a step in the right direction, but there is more work to be done.  

While these efforts have been hugely successful, they left our fund depleted. 

EDPMA Needs To Do More – And We Need Your Help 

This unique moment in time has required increased investments to support legal actions associated with the No Surprises Act.

We anticipate the need to respond to additional requests for amicus briefs within the year. Legal action like the TMA lawsuits has been paramount to protecting emergency medicine from improper and harmful implementation of the No Surprises Act.  

We ask that you join us in ensuring we have the funds to respond quickly on your behalf.

If you have already contributed to the fund, we are grateful for your generosity and for your consideration of doing more.  

If you have not yet contributed, we strongly encourage you to contribute to the Special Projects Fund of 20% of your dues or any amount.  

Please contribute now to the Special Projects Fund so we can continue to advocate for you and our industry.  

Andrea Brault, MD, MMM, FACEP
EDPMA Chair of the Board 

P.S. Your Special Projects Fund contribution combats health plan misinformation and IDR delay tactics. Help us continue to advocate for you and your practice.