EDPMA webinars are premier educational events where you can learn best practices on such topics as Documentation Do’s and Don’ts and Surprise Billing, Medical Billing, Medicare, and COVID-19 Relief. See below for our upcoming webinar topics.

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Free Members-Only Webinar: Federal Advocacy: 2022 Recap and 2023 Advocacy Watch

Join EDPMA’s experts as we look back to 2022 advocacy milestones and explore how they may shape our issues in 2023.
2022 In Review: EDPMA’s Legislative & Regulatory Activities & Achievements
How may the 118th Congress impacts our issues?
What do we see in the 2023 federal legislative and regulatory horizons?

Thursday, January 12
2p – 3p EST

Andrea Brault, MD FACEP – EDPMA Federal Health Policy Committee Co-Chair
Randy Pilgrim, MD FACEP – EDPMA Federal Health Policy Committee Co-Chair
Judith Gorsuch, JD – Hart Health Strategies
Bob Jasak, JD – Hart Health Strategies

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Unpacking the NSA IDR Final Rule: What’s In It, What’s Not and What’s Next? – September 13, 2022

Haven’t had a chance to review the 146-page IDR final rule in detail and determine how it impacts your practice? No problem – EDPMA has done it for you! This one-hour members-only webinar was hosted by Andrea Brault and Dr. Randy Pilgrim in which they shared facts about final rules, reviewed what’s included in the IDR final rule, what is not addressed and what’s next.


EDPMA Data Collection Project Webinar for Skeptics and Analysts – May 9, 2022
In conjunction with ACEP to better advocate for our members and the emergency medicine specialty, we are collecting data on your out-of-network (OON) payments focused on the Qualifying Payment Amount (QPA). This project will evaluate whether major payors are following the law by providing QPAs in writing for each CPT code that was paid or denied, assess the prevalence and size of variations between QPAs and the “Allowed Amounts” for OON payments and more. See the data collection Excel tool and Frequently Asked Questions about this project.
We understand there are questions about the requested data, how the data will be used and concerns about privacy and antitrust issues.
Ed Gaines, JD and Greg Hufstetler CPA, the outside data consultant, will review project details and answer your questions.


The Federal IDR Portal Is Launching – Now What? – April 18, 2022

In addition to important new patient protections for emergency and certain non-emergency services, a key feature of the No Surprises Act is the introduction of a Federal IDR system to resolve payment disputes between providers and payers when state law provides no mechanism for doing so.

The departments tasked with implementing the law have laid out a plan to administer the IDR provisions via a “Federal IDR portal.” The launch of the portal has been delayed as the federal agencies tasked with implementing the IDR system have worked through launch issues in the wake of the ongoing litigation related to the IDR provisions of the No Surprises Act, even while disputes have begun to work through timelines that would otherwise make them eligible for initiating the IDR process.

Per HHS, the Federal IDR portal should launch the week of April 11. To ensure our members are fully prepared, EDPMA will host a member webinar to share available information on the IDR portal launch and take member questions.


Presumptive Charitable Screening, Hardship, Prompt Pay Discounts, and other Compliance Conundrums – February 23, 2022

This webinar is sponsored by Zoll and presented by Ed Gaines and Juli Forde Smith. Emergency Medicine providers work tirelessly to provide high quality patient care when it’s needed most. Unfortunately, for many patients that very same lifesaving care can create a significant financial burden. Physicians and RCM professionals alike want to aid patients with timely and compassionate financial relief. Yet, depending on how that relief is structured it may expose providers to unexpected compliance risk. Join, Ed Gaines and Juli Forde-Smith for an informative discussion around the regulatory guidelines and best practices surrounding patient-centric financial policies, charitable programs, and new regulatory requirements.


Understanding the Federal Ban on Surprise Medical Billing – August 18, 2021

This webinar is sponsored by Brault and presented by Dr. Andrea Brault and Dr. Lisa Maurer. The No Surprises Act will establish a federal ban on surprise billing and is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2022. But, there are still many details that must be clarified during the current rule-making phase – including the definition for qualified payment amounts, specific plan obligations, and the rules/criteria for independent dispute resolution (IDR).

This webinar will take a deep dive into these critical topics and offer practical insights into planning and preparing for the coming year.


Data for the Future. Post-pandemic Strategic Planning for ED Leaders – July 21, 2021

Using data from the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance’s annual survey, Dr. James Augustine’s presentation will focus on the NOW issues in ED management, with the data to help guide the C-suite leadership. The Covid-19 pandemic-tested Emergency Departments (EDs) across the country are now adapting to a post-pandemic reality. ED visits are increasing in 2021, on a new trajectory from 2020. Data shows that around 70% or higher of patients are admitted from the ED, but an increasing percentage have long stays in the ED before being admitted, impacting staff and space capacities. EDs also manage care for many mental health and substance abuse patients, and there has been an increasing focus on directing them into treatment. This has led to opportunities for ED staff to seek to help these patients outside the law enforcement/EMS/ED pathway. All these shifts in patient care and management will lead to reevaluation and design change in EDs across the country.


Precision Demand Capacity Management – Adapting to our New Reality – June 29, 2021

This webinar is sponsored by d2i and will be presented by Dr. Kirk Jensen and Alan Eisman. In the past, as demand grew each year in a fairly predictable way, groups could be successful “enough” with a back of the envelope analysis and corresponding modifications. The COVID-19 pandemic, with its dramatic swings in volume and acuity, has accelerated the urgency for deploying more precise demand capacity optimization and patient flow strategies. With professional salaries representing roughly 70% of the practice’s cost structure and with demand less predictable, the very survival of the independent group practice may depend on acutely and precisely matching staffing with volume.


The Rise of Consumerism: What it means for Emergency Medicine – April 20, 2021

This webinar was sponsored by athenahealth and presented by Jessica Sweeney-Platt, Vice President, Research and Editorial Strategy, athenahealth, Dr. Yogin Patel, President, ApolloMD, Billy Strunk, Executive Vice President of Revenue Strategy & Operations, USACS, and Dr. Amer Aldeen, Chief Medical Officer, USACS. This webinar was a discussion on the ways that consumers might seek emergency care services in the future. While healthcare consumerization trends are not new, the pandemic has created an environment where patients are rethinking how they wish to access services. During this session, we’ll talk through some of the short-term changes to emergency medicine groups, brought on by the pandemic, and discuss how they can better meet patients where they are in the future.

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