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May 2022 Advocacy Newsletter

  • NSA Implementation Continues As Stakeholders Await New Federal Rulemaking to Address Texas Medical Association Litigation Ruling
  • Reminder: EDPMA & ACEP QPA Data Collection Project
  • CMS Finalizes New Exchange Plan Network Adequacy Standards for Emergency Medicine
  • State-Level Update on Out-of-Network Reimbursement
  • CMS Contractor Announces Comparative Billing Report on Critical Care Services
  • CMS Forwards Regulations to White House on Conditions of Participation Related to New Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) Designation Created by Congress for 2023
  • Opportunity: EDPMA Rural Emergency Hospital Working Group
  • 2022 MIPS Exception Application Now Open
  • CMS Will Reweight MIPS Cost Category Again for 2021
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April 2022 Advocacy Newsletter

  • DOJ to Appeal Federal Court Ruling in Texas Medical Association No Surprises Act Litigation
  • No Surprises Act Implementation Continues with Launch of Federal IDR Portal; Disputes Already Eligible for IDR Prior to Launch Must Be Initiated by May 6th; Federal IDR Portal Website Posted
  • EDPMA-ACEP Letter on NSA Billing Compliance Issues
  • State Updates
  • CMS Releases FY 2023 Hospital Inpatient Proposed Rule
  • CMS Releases 2022 MIPS Emergency Medicine Guide
  • Medicaid Advisory Committee Holds April Meeting in Advance of June Report
  • MedPAC Holds Last Meeting of 2021/2022 Cycle
  • Provider Relief Fund Period 1 Extended Reporting Window Closes; Period 2 Extension Details Coming Soon
  • HCEG Industry Pulse Survey
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March 2022 Advocacy Newsletter

  • EDPMA Express Concern to CMS on Roll Out of Federal IDR Portal; CMS Releases RARC Guidance
  • CMS Posts New Emergency Medicine MVP Guidance Documents
  • State-Level Update on Out-of-Network Reimbursement
  • HRSA Reporting Period 2 Opens As COVID Uninsured Program Scaled Back
  • Medicaid Advisory Commission Issues Report to Congress
  • MedPAC Holds Public Meeting and Releases Report to Congress
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February 2022 Advocacy Newsletter

  • Court Vacates Problematic Rule Implementing No Surprises Act
  • Update on No Surprises Act Implementation
  • State-Level Update on Out-of-Network Reimbursement
  • EDPMA Asks About Provider Relief Fund
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January 2022 Advocacy Newsletter

  • No Surprises Act Goes Into Affect
  • Update on No Surprises Act Lawsuits
  • January State-Level Update on Out-of-Network Reimbursement
  • UHC Not Implementing Problematic Changes to Coverage
  • Provider Relief Fund – Additional Phase 4 Funding Announced
  • Federal Vaccine Mandates and Healthcare Workers
  • MedPAC Kicks Off Its 2022 Meetings
  • EDPMA Advocacy Activity & Successes in 2021
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December 2021 Advocacy Newsletter

  • EDPMA Files Amicus Brief Supporting Lawsuit Challenging Problematic Surprise Billing Rule
  • Congress Delays Most of Scheduled 9.75% Cut to Medicare Reimbursement
  • EDPMA Further Comments on Interim Final Rule on Independent Dispute Resolution
  • December State-Level Update on Out-of-Network Reimbursement
  • PRF Reporting Period 1 Deadline Extended
  • MedPAC Releases Draft 2023 Payment Recommendations
  • EDPMA Advocacy Activity & Successes in 2021
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