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The emergency medicine landscape continuously shifts. That’s why EDPMA advocates for emergency department physician groups and partners to enhance quality patient care through operational excellence & financial stability.

EDPMA members receive a monthly newsletter that not only highlights new legislation and rules but synthesizes them in digestible content.

September 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • CMS Announces Partial Resumption of Federal IDR Proceedings
  • Federal Agencies Release Proposed Rule on Federal IDR Fees
  • EDPMA & ACEP Meet With White House To Discuss IDR Operations Proposed Rule
  • House Committee Holds Hearing on NSA Implementation
  • EDPMA Submits Comments in Response to Medicare Physician & Hospital Outpatient 2024 Proposed Rules
  • Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Reporting Period 5 Closes Sept 30th
  • MIPS Automatic Exception to Apply to Hawaii and Other Impacted Regions for 2023 Performance Year
  • Health Equity Spotlight: CMS Releases Infographic Guide on Use of Z Codes to Document Social Determinants of Health
  • What Happens If the Government Shuts Down?
  • Follow-Up: EDPMA Successfully Defeats Legislative Expansion of QPA
  • Med-PAC Kicks Off 2023-2024 Session
  • State Tracking Updates
  • Regulatory Issues of Interest
  • Previously Enacted Legislation of Interest
  • State Coalition Interactions
  • Member Resources- State Leg & Reg Interactive Map
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August 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • Federal District Court Rules in Latest Texas Medical Association No Surprises Act Lawsuit
  • REMINDER: Shifts in Patient Responsibility Data Collection Effort
  • Senate HELP Committee Ranking Member Questions Departments of HHS, Labor, and Treasury about No Surprises Act Implementation Failures
  • House Members Introduce Legislation to Waive “Three-Day Stay” Requirement
  • 2022 MIPS Final Scores and Payment Adjustments Now Available
  • DEA to Hold Listening Sessions on the Practice of Telemedicine
  • Health Equity Spotlight: CMS Takes Action to Improve Health Equity
  • VA Announces Listening Sessions on Variation in State Licensure Requirements for Health Care Professionals
  • Crowdsourcing Opp: State Coalition Interactions
  • NEW Member Resource: Federal State & Reg Interactive Map
  • NEW Member Resource: EDPMA Updated ACT Page
  • Member Resource: State Leg & Reg Interactive Map
  • EDPMA Issues Member Alert on No Surprises Act Coverage of Exclusive Provider Organizations
  • NEW MEMBER-ONLY RESOURCE: OON Billing & IDR Process Infographic
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July 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • CMS Responds to EDPMA and ACEP Letter on 2023 Federal IDR Administrative Fee Increase
  • HHS Releases 1st Report to Congress on Market Effects of NSA Implementation
  • CMS Releases New FAQs Aimed at “Facility Fees”
  • CMS Releases CY 2024 Proposed Medicare Payment Rates That Would Cut Emergency Medicine Payments by Over 3%; Issues New 2024 QPP Reporting Policies
  • Medicare Releases 2024 Hospital Outpatient Proposed Payment Policies
  • CMS Releases RFI on Episode-Based Payment Model
  • Health Equity Spotlight: Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Releases White Paper on Health Equity
  • EDPMA Successfully Pushes Back on Proposed Statutory Expansion of QPA
  • EDPMA Launches Grassroots Campaign to Push for Medicare Payment Reform
  • Telehealth Legislation Gains Steam
  • Provider Relief Fund (PRF) Reporting Period 5 Open
  • Virginia’s Emergency Physicians and Medical Community Follow-up on the Emergency Downcoding Provision Reversal by a Federal Court
  • Reminder: EDPMA State Legislation & Regulation Interactive Tracker for Members
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June 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • EDPMA Launches New State Integrative Map Resource for Members
  • EDPMA Updates Member-Only Resources to Help Navigate No Surprises Act & Federal IDR
  • EDPMA Leader Represents Emergency Medicine in a Senate Committee Roundtable Discussion on Suprise Billing
  • House Panel Examines MACRA Implementation
  • 2022 MIPS Final Score Preview Period
  • CMS Releases 2021 QPP Experience Report
  • DEA and SAMHSA Hold Webinar to Discuss MATE Act Implementation, “X Waiver” Elimination
  • Health Equity Spotlight: CDC Announces New Grant Opportunities to Address Social Determinants of Health
  • PRF Reporting Period 5 Opens July 1st.
  • EDPMA Submits Support for Increased Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rates for Emergency Physicians
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May 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • EDPMA Releases Member-Only Resources to Help Navigate No Surprises Act & Federal IDR
  • EDPMA Supports Bipartisan House Bill Seeking to Create Reimbursement Stability for Medicare Providers
  • Temporary Extension of COVID-19 Telehealth Flexibilities for the Prescription of Controlled Substances
  • New Consensus-Based Entity Seeks Feedback on ED Quality Measure
  • Health Equity Spotlight: CMS Innovation Center Shares Health Equity Progress, What to Expect in 2023
  • Health Equity Spotlight: Legislation Introduced to Improve Health Equity in Payment Models
  • May 11th Marks End of COVID-19 PHE
  • PRF Reporting Period 5 opens July 1st
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April 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • HHS Secretary Becerra Questioned by Congress on No Surprises Act Implementation
  • Federal Legislation to Improve Workplace Safety for Hospital Employees
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Files Notice of Appeal in TMA II
  • CMS Releases FY 2024 Inpatient Hospital Payment Proposed Rule
  • New Guidance on MATE Act Training Requirements Released
  • Agencies Seek to Advance Health Equity Through Health IT Updates, Algorithms
  • CMS Finalizes Changes to Medicare Advantage Plan Requirements for 2024
  • REMINDER: Federal COVID-19 Emergency Declarations to Expire May 11
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March 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • EDPMA Urges Federal Legislators to Press Agencies for Improved NSA Implementation
  • Federal IDR Payment Determinations Resume After March 17th Announcement
  • State Advocacy Updates
  • CMS Announces Federal IDR Payment Determinations to Come Directly from Federal IDR Portal
  • E&C, HELP Release PAHPA RFIs
  • 2021 QPP Data Now Available on Care Compare
  • CMS Releases 2023 MIPS EMA and Denominator Reduction Guide
  • REMINDER: 2022 MIPs Data Submission Deadline is March 31
  • COVID-19 PRF Reporting Period Closes March 31st
  • Federal COVID-19 Emergency Declarations to Expire May 11
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February 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • No Surprises Act IDR Payment Determinations in Limbo in Wake of Court Ruling; EDPMA Advocacy Continues
  • Federal COVID-19 Emergency Declarations to Expire May 11th
  • State Advocacy Updates
  • CMS Releases New Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) Guidance
  • Health Equity Spotlight: CMS Announces Two-Day Inaugural Health Equity Conference in June
  • REMINDER: MIPS Exception for COVID-19 Extended
  • REMINDER: PRF Reporting Period 4 Opened Jan. 1st, Closes March 31st
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January 2023 Advocacy Newsletter

  • EDPMA and ACEP Press Administration on IDR Changes
  • EDPMA Urges Congress to Begin Work on Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
  • COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Renewed Through April
  • State Advocacy Updates
  • Congress Eliminates the “X-Waiver”
  • PRF Reporting Period 4 Opened Jan. 1
  • No Surprises Act Implementation Update: 2023 QPA Inflationary Update in Effect as of January 1, 2023
  • MedPAC Recommends Medicare Physician Payment Update; Analyzes Trends in Telehealth Utilization
  • Health Equity Spotlight: CMS Announces 200 New Residency Slots to Service Underserved Communities
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December 2022 Advocacy Newsletter

  • Omnibus Bill Partially Addresses Medicare Payment Cuts
  • Updates Released on No Surprises Act Federal IDR Process
  • TMA II Lawsuit Update
  • Upcoming Webinar: EDPMA Federal Update: Looking Back on 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023
  • State Level Updates
  • EDPMA Provides Feedback on National Provider Directory Concept
  • EDPMA Submits Pre-Rulemaking Comments on Emergency Medicine Cost Measure
  • MedPAC Considers Making Recommendation to Increase Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Payments
  • Health Equity Spotlight: 2022 National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report
  • PRF Reporting Period 4 Opens January 1
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November 2022 Advocacy Newsletter

  • EDPMA Hosts Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill; Focuses on No Surprises Act Implementation, Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, and Telemedicine
  • EDPMA 2022 Midterm Elections Update
  • Save the Date: EDPMA Federal Update: Looking Back on 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023
  • CMS Releases 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rates & Policies
  • CMS Finalizes Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) Rules For January 1st Implementation
  • State Level Updates
  • NSA Update: CCIIO Issues New Guidance and Platform Updates for IDR Initiation
  • COVID-19 PHE Expected to Be Extended into April 2023
  • MedPAC Discusses Possible Recommendation for Separate E/M Fee Schedule
  • CMS Outlines Efforts to Improve Data to Advance Health Equity
  • PRF Reporting Period 4 Opens Jan. 1st
  • 2021 MIPS Public Reporting Preview Period Now Open Through Dec. 20
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October 2022 Advocacy Newsletter

  • EDPMA Fights Looming Cuts in the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule; Urges Long-Term Reforms to Stabilize Medicare Payment
  • Upcoming CMS Webinar November 1: No Surprises Act (NSA) Federal Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) Process Live Demonstration of NEW Notice of Offer Form for Disputing Parties
  • CMS Holds Webinar on Updates to Federal IDR Process; Announces Ability to Upload Supporting Documentation
  • EDPMA Files Amicus Brief in TMA et al v. HHS et al
  • New State No Surprises Act Fact Sheets are Now Available
  • State-Level Update on Out-of-Network Reimbursement
  • MedPAC Discusses Potential Recommendations for Supporting Safety Net Providers
  • House Passes Bill to Improve Trauma and Emergency Care
  • Health Equity Spotlight: HHS Announces Actions to Improve Language Access
  • PRF Reporting Period 4 Opens Jan. 1st
  • CMS Seeks Input on Creating a National Healthcare Provider Directory
  • COVID PHE Extended Into 2023
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September 2022 Advocacy Newsletter
  • Bera, Bucshon Introduce Bill to Protect Physicians from Medicare Pay Cuts
  • EDPMA Responds to CY 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule
  • EDPMA Submits Two Comment Letters Addressing New Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) Proposed Policies
  • Join Us For Federal Lobby Day
  • Stakeholders Continue to Evaluate Next Steps After Release of No Surprises Act Final Rule
  • State-Level Update on Out-of-Network Reimbursement
  • Departments Release RFI on No Surprises Act Requirements for Plan Provision of Advanced EOBs for Scheduled Care
  • EDPMA Calls for Extension of Telehealth Flexibilities
  • Energy and Commerce Advances Bill to Improve Trauma and Emergency Care
  • Legislation Spotlight: The Health Equity and Accountability Act (H.R. 7585/S. 4486)
  • Reminder: PRF Reporting Period 3 Closes Sept. 30th
  • Reminder: Submit 2021 MIPS Targeted Reviews by October 21
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