EDPMA Political Action Committee

The EDPMA-PAC is a federally qualified political action committee of the emergency medicine practice management industry affiliated and sponsored by the Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA).

The EDPMA-PAC is a trade association PAC whose political contributions support elected officials and candidates for federal office who recognize and support the critical role, and value of emergency medicine in our healthcare system.


The EDPMA-PAC’s purpose is to further the advocacy agenda of EDPMA by supporting the election of federal and state legislators who are engaged in the healthcare debate and who understand the important role that emergency physicians play as a cornerstone in the nation’s healthcare safety net.  The EDPMA-PAC supports candidates who believe that emergency medicine is a vital element of America’s healthcare system. 

How does an EDPMA-PAC contribution benefit emergency medicine?

In today’s political environment of increasing regulation and decreasing revenue, EDPMA must be proactive. Contributions to the EDPMA-PAC provide EDPMA the opportunity for you to amplify your voice by helping us to educate Members of Congress and State Legislators about EDPMA’s legislative and regulatory priorities.

Why is contributing to EDPMA-PAC critical now?

Emergency medicine continues to face significant threats from reductions in reimbursement from both private insurers and government healthcare programs. Now, more than ever, we need elected officials who understand the need for legislation that ensures that emergency care is funded appropriately. We have seen insurer-backed “think tanks” and lobbyists spread mistruths about the value of emergency medicine in our fragile healthcare system. We must have Members of Congress and State Legislators who understand the real truth, and value, of the care we provide. 

Who does EDPMA-PAC support?

Since the EDPMA-PAC was formed in 2003, it has supported both Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate. Special consideration is given to Members of Congress and candidates for elected office who are in a unique position to support EDPMA’s interests, especially those who were practicing healthcare professionals before running for office. The decision of which candidates to support is made by the EDPMA-PAC Committee comprised of individuals from EDPMA member organizations. 

Who can contribute? Are there contribution limits?

Any member organization of EDPMA can authorize their individual employees to be part of the EDPMA-PAC solicitable class and eligible to contribute. Personal contributions are limited to $5,000 per year. Contributions to federal PACs are not tax-deductible. 

I want to get involved with the EDPMA-PAC or I have questions. Who do I contact?

Contact @info@edpma.org for more information.

Dr. Bing Pao is the EDPMA-PAC Chair.