EDPMA’s Board of Directors and Committee leaders thoughtfully crafted our 2024 strategic plan to guide our priorities and efforts.  Rooted on four strategic pillars, EDPMA’s strategic plan hyper focuses on the issues that matter to our members and that serve the business of emergency medicine.

EDPMA Advocates

EDPMA amplifies your voice to influence legislative and regulatory decision makers to actively support the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective care in the emergency department.

Strengthen the practice of emergency medicine through a frequent, reliable presence with Congressional leaders and regulatory agencies.

  • Ensure a frequent and reliable presence on Capitol Hill.
  • Host Strike Force Hill visits and an all-member Lobby Day
  • Maximize EDPMA’s voice and influence on X12.

EDPMA strengthens emergency medicine practices by preserving patient access to care.

  • Grassroots advocacy.
  • Communication strategies with data-infused and digestible asks.
  • Host members-only webinars on just-released information.
  • Develop and execute timely and relevant member communications around breaking information.

Create and deliver advocacy messaging that resonates with members and stakeholders.

  • Invest in PR guidance to deliver solutions-based messaging campaigns rooted in data with storytelling to reinforce policy.
  • Develop an unfunded mandate messaging campaign.
  • Create and deliver a narrative and best practices about unfair payment policies.
  • Make educational offerings more accessible for the general public.

Determine, articulate and empower a data strategy to support our advocacy efforts.

  • Develop and execute “Quick Hit” and “Deep Dive” data collection efforts.
  • Communicate data findings through storytelling, infographics and digestible content.

Develop a grassroots advocacy strategy for priority issues with a sense of urgency.

  • Update the Advocacy Primer.
  • Host at least (2) member-only webinars focused on just-released information.
  • Develop and execute a timely and relevant member communications around breaking information.

Provide a frequent, reliable presence in priority states.

  • Regularly identify priority states and reach out to ACEP Chapters and other stakeholders, develop and execute an advocacy strategy.
  • Draft model state legislation as needed.

Connect and build coalitions within emergency medicine and other stakeholders.

  • Through coalition building, further and amplify our  advocacy priorities within emergency medicine.
  • Connect and build coalitions with organizations beyond emergency medicine.
  • Explore statewide coalition building and /or integrate into existing coalitions in at least one state.

Serve as the premier solutions-focused organization to address and resolve non-compliance and issues of the No Surprises Act.

  • Activate the No Surprises Act Implementation Tactics (I-Tact) Task Force to collect, evaluate and assess problems related to implementation of the No Surprises Act.
  • Advocate for members through litigation as necessary.
  • Serve as an incubator for emerging topics.

Support an effective EDPMA-PAC to advance the interests of EDPMA members within the political and legislative landscape.

  • Develop a strategy to identify and support candidates that align with EDPMA interests.
  • Collaborate with other PACs, advocacy groups and organizations that share common goals to amplify industry’s influence.
  • Engage and educate EDPMA members about the PAC’s activities and the importance of political involvement.
  • Encourage members to participate in grassroots advocacy efforts and contribute to the PAC.

EDPMA Educates

EDPMA transforms complex content into just-in-time information to deliver on-point and actionable education.

Deliver in person and virtual educational experiences to meet member needs.

  • Deliver current, timley, actionable and digestible educational content and networking experiences at Solutions Summit 2024.
  • Offer at least Virtual Lunch and Learn education program.
  • Offer annual workshops after the final rule is released on coding/reimbursement updates.
  • Expand the RCM In-Person Workshop content to include MIPS, followed by a virtual workshop.

Expand educational offerings.

  • If hosting a meeting at Solutions Summit, Committees should deliver defined and pre-approved educational content.
  • Make educational offerings more accessible for members.
  • Identify opportunities for and threats to profitable growth of emergency medicine practices.

Expand the faculty bench.

  • Invite thought leaders outside of emergency medicine to serve as faculty.
  • Secure at least 15% first-time faculty lecturers at EDPMA educational programs.

EDPMA Connects

EDPMA connects the business of emergency medicine through meaningful member experiences and by strengthening our value to the specialty.

Meet budgeted membership revenue.

Increase member engagement.

  • Meet Solutions Summit 2024 paid registration budget.
  • Increase webinar registration by 3%.
  • Increase RCM Workshop paid attendees by 3%.
  • Meet budgeted registration goals for (2) virtual workshops by 3%.
  • Intentionally connect EMerging Leaders Academy students and graduates with Committees and Committee leaders.
  • Develop and distribute a member opportunity kit to HR teams.

Develop diverse future leaders.

  • Recruit and identify the EMerging Leaders Academy Class of 2025.
  • Create a relevant 12-month EMerging Leaders Academy curriculum.
  • The EMerging Leaders Academy Class of 2024 has a 85% graduation rate.
  • Recruit and identify the EMerging Leaders Academy Class of 2026.
  • Receive positive feedback from the EMerging Leaders Academy Class of 2025.

Increase Committee membership by 5%.

Increase social media engagement.

Strengthen the EDPMA community.

  • Create and execute a strategy to monitor and engage online community.
  • Host networking mixers at Summit 24, ACEP24 and RCM Workshop.
  • Host an EMerging Leaders Academy Class of 2024 mixer at Summit 2024.
  • Showcase EDPMA member organizations and employees.

Communicate to build community.

  • Host a virtual Town Hall meeting.

Increase EDPMA awareness to stakeholders.