New Member Spotlight: Quality Care ER

Quality Care ER is a Texas-based company that owns and operates two freestanding emergency centers: one in Paris, Texas, and a second just opened in Greenville, Texas. Quality Care ER’s mission is focused on providing high-quality care in rural areas, expanding healthcare services to those with limited access, and serving the local communities. For more information on Quality Care ER click HERE.

Excerpts from a conversation with Byron Prince, Executive Vice President

Byron Prince is an ER nurse with years of experience in emergency medicine management. Mr. Prince joined Quality Care ER almost two years ago and oversees all areas of their business operations. Byron has worked as an ER nurse in a cardiac ER and the main ER. As he moved into managing and the business side, he also worked as a divisional director in a major health system for the emergency department and several outpatient departments. Mr. Prince helped that team expand their services and skills into a sustainable, scalable model. Byron joined Quality Care ER to bring these skills and capabilities to this freestanding emergency company and to support its mission of providing high-quality care with a grassroots and community-driven focus in rural communities.

Mr. Prince decided to join EDPMA based on the recommendation of a current member. He was especially drawn to the collaborative style and networking of EDPMA members in sharing best practices and ideas. Byron highlighted that he sees the dynamism and fast-moving environment in EM not only in coding and documentation but also in communication, billing, building relationships, and networking. For Byron and his team, he’s aware that it’s critical to have trusted information sources and to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about legislation and regulatory matters impacting EM. Plus, he encourages his department leaders to get involved and stay close to the information on EM because of its dynamic and fast-moving nature.

Byron is particularly interested in coding and documentation as every day he sees how these issues drive and directly impact billing and insurance reimbursement. Byron wants his team to understand how coding and documentation impact billing and reimbursement and understand the whole process. Mr. Prince highlights that EDPMA’s collaborative approach helps support gaining this important information about coding and documentation processes. In addition, the relationships and networking within EDPMA membership help connect colleagues who are willing to give feedback on how to approach various situations. These relationships are especially important for a young and growing company. Byron points out that he expects payers to treat similar care decisions fairly. With his company’s membership in EDPMA, he can gain insight into whether various coding and documentation of health situations are being managed fairly by payer companies.

Mr. Prince and his colleague, Lisa Parker, Revenue Cycle Director, plan on attending EDPMA’s 2021 Solutions Summit conference on September 26-29 at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. Byron said he “looks forward to connecting with colleagues and meeting many new EM professionals as well.” Byron plans to attend Committee Day on Sunday, September 26th, to hear directly about the issues and updates in the Quality, Coding and Documentation Committee.