New Member Spotlight: Premium Asset Recovery Corporation (PARC)

Chris Conway started Premium Asset Recovery Corp. (PARC) in 1997. The firm’s mission is to provide smart, profitable solutions with the highest level of customer service while respecting and maintaining excellent patient relationships. The firm focuses exclusively on healthcare debt buying and offers services nationwide. For more information on PARC, please click HERE.

Excerpts from a conversation with Chris Conway, CEO and Founder

Chris Conway has spent over 31 years in collections and receivables management, including 10 years as General Manager of a hospital-owned collection agency. Chris understands the intricacies involved with increasing recoveries while maintaining a high satisfaction level with senior executives, physicians and patients. Chris has run several private companies and sold one company to a publicly traded organization. Chris’s company provides liquidity at any stage in the accounts receivables lifecycle while primarily focusing on late-stage receivables.

Mr. Conway became involved in EDPMA when his company exhibited at two Solutions Summit conferences. He found the conference and exhibit hall attracted many senior level people in emergency medicine. Chris said the networking events with EDPMA, as compared with other associations in healthcare, were always topflight. Mr. Conway also attended several conference sessions (as exhibitors are welcome to attend the conference) and he found the content to be relevant, timely and focused on the needs of the ED practice. Plus, as the conference is a reasonable size, it’s easy to find people and continue important conversations.

Mr. Conway highlighted that EDPMA’s focus on state and federal advocacy and, in particular, taking into account the needs of independent practices, is a key reason why PARC became a member. Chris said that EDPMA “gives a voice and a presence to the small and mid-sized independent practices that he doesn’t see elsewhere.” Chris said that EDPMA “creates a coalition of like-minded professionals in advocacy.” He has found many of his clients are EDPMA members and that was another reason his company joined. He realized the importance of being “in the know” about what is happening in advocacy and what his clients (and prospects) are focusing on regarding the challenges faced on the legislative and regulatory front at both the state and federal levels. Mr. Conway said that “one of the challenges in emergency medicine is the increasing need for self-pay and the decrease in reimbursement.” He finds this troubling and is concerned about the long-term affordability and quality of healthcare.

Mr. Conway plans to exhibit again at the upcoming Solutions Summit from September 26-29 in Fort Worth, TX. He looks forward to reconnecting, in person, with colleagues, clients and prospects. And he knows the conference sessions will be timely and informative.