New Member Spotlight: Concord Medical Group

Concord Medical Group is a physician-owned and -operated organization founded by Dr. Kyle Sheets in 2001. The group’s beginning focused on supporting rural hospitals in Texas. Concord has grown over the years and, in addition to emergency medicine, the group offers hospitalist and radiology specialties. Concord is now in ten states, managing over 80 programs with over 1,300 providers. Emergency medicine continues to be the group’s main focus. For more information on the Concord Medical Group, click here.

Excerpts from a conversation with Steve Kearney, Executive Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer

Concord Medical Group prides itself on its bespoke approach. There is no cookie-cutter approach as they focus carefully on meeting the needs of each of their clients. This includes providing the highest-quality patient care; supporting their physicians and other professionals with scheduling, training, and recruitment; and ensuring the effectiveness of their programs. Mr. Kearney joined Concord Medical Group over four years ago after managing two other emergency medicine groups. He comes with years of experience in developing and improving accounting, financial reporting, and financial planning & analysis as well as supporting financial systems that support higher levels of performance.

Mr. Kearney was familiar with EDPMA since he had worked in emergency medicine for years and had attended several Solutions Summit conferences. Steve recommended joining EDPMA, in part, due to the productive Solutions Summit conferences indicating a level of professionalism within the association. Steve said, “the conference has always been so well run and the programming informative and timely.” Mr. Kearney believes EDPMA’s member mix of physician groups and suppliers is useful. He said, “if we were looking for a supplier, of course, we would look at who is a member of EDPMA as a starting point.”

Mr. Kearney sees some of the current challenges in emergency medicine related to the implementation of the No Surprises Act and issues that regularly come up with payers. Mr. Kearney emphasized all the resources available to EDPMA members including the Toolboxes which provide detailed information on legislative and regulatory matters at the state and federal levels, including templates for taking action. And Steve wants to be sure his senior-level team is exposed to all these resources as they provide hands-on, practical and useable information. Steve also highlighted that being a member of EDPMA provides a collaborative approach to identifying and solving issues in emergency medicine. He knows the “go-it-alone” approach usually is not successful but working with so many knowledgeable colleagues provides the best avenue for meeting the challenges in emergency medicine and being successful.

Mr. Kearney and Dr. Sheets will be attending the 2021 Solutions Summit (September 26-29 in Fort Worth, TX). They look forward to seeing their colleagues, hearing the latest updates on business issues, legislation, and regulatory updates, and enjoying the great networking events. Steve has joined the Practice Management Committee and is encouraging his senior management team to join other EDPMA Committees such as Federal Health Policy, State Regulatory and Insurance, and the Quality, Coding, and Documentation committees.