July 21 Webinar: Data for the Future. Post-pandemic Strategic Planning for ED Leaders

Using data from the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance’s annual survey, Dr. James Augustine’s presentation will focus on the NOW issues in ED management, with the data to help guide the C-suite leadership. The Covid-19 pandemic-tested Emergency Departments (EDs) across the country are now adapting to a post-pandemic reality. ED visits are increasing in 2021, on a new trajectory from 2020. Data shows that around 70% or higher of patients are admitted from the ED, but an increasing percentage have long stays in the ED before being admitted, impacting staff and space capacities. EDs also manage care for many mental health and substance abuse patients, and there has been an increasing focus on directing them into treatment. This has led to opportunities for ED staff to seek to help these patients outside the law enforcement/EMS/ED pathway. All these shifts in patient care and management will lead to reevaluation and design change in EDs across the country.

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