EDPMA Virtual Workshop: Facing Reimbursement Headwinds: Planning for Profitable Growth in 2023 and Beyond

With strong headwinds facing the traditional success model for EM, new strategies must be pursued to grow and remain profitable.  During this workshop you will learn from successful EM group leaders how they plan for and move towards a business model less reliant on fee for service brick & mortar EM revenue. We will also review the costs & key performance indicators you’ll need to monitor as you evolve your business. Last, we will explore how relationships with staff, hospital administration, payers, and your community enable you to successfully evolve.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn how to plan for growth through an Enterprise Risk Framework that enables data driven strategic decision that balances opportunity with risk.
  2. Participants will learn about various growth opportunities and get tips on how to prioritize and pursue them
  3. Participants will learn about the best opportunities, methods and data needed to pursue quality Pay for Performance programs that are not only good medicine but also pay off
  4. Participants will learn about how to pursue, develop and maintain relationships to enable the agility needed for change and growth.

February 2, 2023
1p – 4p EST

Member Rate: $150

Non-Member Rate: $300

The agenda can be found here.