EDPMA Sends Sixth Letter Commenting on Implementation of the No Surprises Act

EDPMA and ACEP sent the following six joint letters to the federal decision makers (HHS, DOL, IRS, CCIIO, and OMB) on provisions we would like included in the rules implanting the federal No Surprises Act. The No Surprises Act establishes a process for payment and dispute resolution for out-of-network emergency care (and some nonemergency care). Many important issues were left open for the Administration to address in the rulemaking phase. The sixth letter, sent on August 31, 2021, comments on the first Interim Final Rule with Comment on the No Surprises Act.

8/31/21 EDPMA/ACEP Comment Letter on No Surprises Act IFC#1
8/10/21 EDPMA/ACEP Letter to Labor/HHS/Treasury on IDR
6/16/21 EDPMA/ACEP Letter to OMB Re No Surprises Act Implementation
06/14/21 Third EDPMA/ACEP letter to CIIO on NSA Implementation
5/14/21 EDPMA/ACEP NSA Letter 2 re: Technical RCM Advice
3/24/21 EDPMA/ACEP Joint Letter to Biden Administration on No Surprises Act Implementation