EDPMA New Member Spotlight: PearsonRavitz

PearsonRavitz is a physician-founded, physician-led disability and life insurance advisory firm. With deep industry expertise, we specialize in offering tailored insurance solutions to medical professionals. We are committed to safeguarding physicians’ well-being, careers, and families through education and empowerment.

As an OB/GYN at the pinnacle of her career, a shoulder injury abruptly ended Dr. Stephanie Pearson’s medical practice. This experience showed her how crucial disability insurance is for physicians, and in 2017, she co-founded PearsonRavitz, a disability and life insurance brokerage. Fueled by her own struggle and the loss of her physician identity, she became an advocate, educating and empowering her fellow physicians so that they can protect their health, career, and families.

When asked why PearsonRavitz joined EDPMA, Dr. Pearson stated, “I joined EDPMA because I believe in their mission to provide high quality, cost-effective care in emergency rooms nationwide. As a physician myself, I admire the support that EDPMA provides to our nation’s emergency room physicians.”

When asked to describe PearsonRavitz, Dr. Pearson noted, “When we founded PearsonRavitz, we knew that we wanted our company to reflect our core values of Ownership, Transparency, Empathy, and Respect at every level. From our employees to our clients, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that everyone experiences those values when they become a part of our network.”

When asked what motivates Dr. Pearson, she shared, “After I experienced a career-ending injury during the prime of my career as an OBGYN, I discovered that my disability insurance didn’t provide the coverage I needed to protect my health and family. I have since made it my mission – and my second career – to ensure that other physicians are educated and empowered to make decisions that protect their ability to earn income and care for the people they love.”

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