EDPMA New Member Spotlight: NYM Health

Nym Health has been in business for about three years and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.  Nym Health transforms revenue cycle management with direct-to-billing autonomous coding that reduces denials and operational expenses, accelerates payment cycles and maximizes audit-readiness. For more information on Nym Health, please click here.

Excerpts from a conversation with Amihai Neiderman, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Neiderman has a BA in Math and Computer Sciences, served as an officer for over 10 years in the Israeli Defense Force’s cybersecurity unit, and volunteered as an EMT for more than 8 years. Medicine also runs in the family, as his wife is an ENT surgeon at a large hospital. Amihai and his partner, CTO Adam Rimon, founded Nym Health in 2018.

Nym Health employs physicians, teamed alongside programmers and computational linguists. In addition, every employee at Nym completes a certified medical coding course. This strategy supports Nym’s goal of understanding what the physician is doing, placing themselves alongside the physician in the emergency department with each individual patient.

Nym’s autonomous coding technology, applied in a real-world environment, enables Nym to capture the nuances of medical coding. This knowledge in turn assists their clients, as Nym better understands how coding then drives reimbursement. Nym is well aware that for the practicing emergency medicine physician, the challenge of working in a busy emergency department is characterized by an irregular schedule, hectic events followed by down times, and different volume flows. High-acuity patients need a physician’s full focus, and high-quality patient care is their top concern, with medical coding not being a main priority for the physician.

Amihai was introduced to EDPMA by a colleague in emergency medicine and was planning on speaking at the 2020 Solutions Summit (before it was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic). Instead, Mr. Neiderman chose to join EDPMA to ensure Nym was able to hear first-hand about key issues and challenges in emergency medicine, learning about the legislative and regulatory priorities EDPMA members are focused on at both the State and Federal level.

By becoming a member, Nym Health’s employees receive all of EDPMA’s information, including the monthly Membership and Advocacy newsletters, weekly ED newsletter and action and news alerts. According to Amihai, “We are always looking to improve what we’re doing and proactively help the industry, so joining EDPMA made a lot of sense.”

In addition, Nym’s Chief Medical Information Officer has joined the Quality, Coding and Documentation Committee (QCDC) to learn what members see is happening with problematic downcoding, and be a part of the discussion to come up with solutions.

Amihai and his team will be attending and exhibiting at the 2021 Solutions Summit (September 26-29, Fort Worth, TX.) As this will be Nym Health’s first Solutions Summit, he is looking forward to meeting many of the members, hearing the educational sessions and enjoying the many networking opportunities.