EDPMA New Member Spotlight: Fulcrum Strategies

Fulcrum Strategies is a health care consulting firm specializing in payer contract negotiation, strategic planning, and public relations for physician practices. Founded in 2004, by President and CEO Ron Howrigon, Fulcrum’s vision is to provide medical practices professional negotiation and planning resources to improve managed care contracts for medical professionals. Fulcrum has over 70 clients in 18 states.

Ron Howrigon spent 18 years in the Managed Care Industry as a Negotiator, Network Manager and in Senior Management for several large managed care companies.  Since 2004 he has helped over 5000 physicians in practices across the country with their contract negotiations. He holds degrees in business and economics, is a husband and father of three children.

During his time in the managed care corporate structure, he realized that medical practices were at a disadvantage in our current system, and he wanted to level the playing field in his area of expertise. After nearly twenty years, his passion for helping physicians has not wavered.

When asked about why Fulcrum Strategies joined EDPMA Mr. Howrigon stated, “One of the strongest components of our U.S. Healthcare system is our ability to provide the best in emergency medicine. This success sets the U.S. above many other nations’ and only comes through the collaboration of professionals across the country. Throughout my nearly four decades in healthcare, my respect for those delivering healthcare, especially those in our emergency departments, has only increased. I needed to be a part of the discussion to improve myself and better help those on the front lines.”

Mr. Howrigon currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Autism Society of North Carolina and volunteers for their events and other events supporting children and those with special needs.

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