EDPMA-ACEP Letter to Tri Agencies Opposing SMB IFR on IDR

On November 11, 2021, EDPMA and ACEP sent a joint letter to the tri-agencies opposing the Interim Final Rule on the No Surprises Act which conflicts with the statute and is expected to significantly reduce provider reimbursement and asked them to immediately change the rule: 11/11/21 EDPMA ACEP Letter to Tri Agencies Opposing SMB IFR on IDR.

8/31/21 EDPMA/ACEP Comment Letter on No Surprises Act IFC#1
8/10/21 EDPMA/ACEP Letter to Labor/HHS/Treasury on IDR
6/16/21 EDPMA/ACEP Letter to OMB Re No Surprises Act Implementation
06/14/21 Third EDPMA/ACEP letter to CIIO on NSA Implementation
5/14/21 EDPMA/ACEP NSA Letter 2 re: Technical RCM Advice
3/24/21 EDPMA/ACEP Joint Letter to Biden Administration on No Surprises Act Implementation