EDPMA New Member Spotlight: Alteon Health

EDPMA New Member Spotlight: Alteon Health

Alteon Health partners with hospitals to deliver the highest-quality patient care. The company works to empower physicians and staff to employ innovative and adaptable care-delivery models. Alteon Health prides itself on strengthening the skills of their team members through mentorship, education, and professional development. For more information on Alteon Health, click here.

Excerpts from a conversation with Chris Greenwood, Vice President, Growth and Integrations

Mr. Greenwood joined Alteon Health 2 1/2 years ago after several years in various business areas in healthcare including managed care contracting, EHR development and implementation, and onboarding and integration of new business through organic growth, mergers and acquisitions. Alteon Health was formed in 2017 from the merger of two long-standing physician staffing companies – Emergency Medicine Associates (EMA) of Maryland and Island Medical Management of New York. Together, the company has over 40 years of experience in emergency medicine.

Chris spearheaded the effort to have Alteon Health become an EDPMA member because of several conversations he had with EDPMA members and a review of EDPMA’s advocacy work, particularly at the Federal level. Mr. Greenwood said, “Alteon Health wants to become part of EDPMA’s collaborative team, raise our voice on issues of importance to emergency medicine and be a thought leader.” Chris understands the importance of being involved and informed on Federal legislation and the impact of various laws and policies on their business model and physicians. Mr. Greenwood highlights that the pressures of the Coronavirus pandemic have contributed to new challenges for emergency medicine including new staffing issues and potentially lower volumes continuing. Chris believes that EDPMA’s collaborative approach helps all groups and businesses in emergency medicine reach better results than each company can attain acting individually.

Other challenges Mr. Greenwood sees in emergency medicine include staying informed on CMS’s activities and being part of EDPMA’s collective input into the decision-making process. Chris appreciates EDPMA’s efforts in working on the issues related to the implementation of the No Surprises Act (NSA) and keeping the membership informed through the monthly Advocacy Newsletter. Chris appreciates that EDPMA works proactively on various legislative and regulatory issues, such as Surprise Medical Billing and problematic down-coding at both the Federal and state levels. He also commented that he is looking forward to the Wednesday morning session at the upcoming Solutions Summit (scheduled for September 26-29) focusing on key legislative issues.

Chris has joined EDPMA’s Federal Health Policy Committee (FHPC) and the State Regulatory and Insurance Committee (SRIC) and is encouraging his team members to join others, in particular, the Quality, Coding, and Documentation Committee (QCDC) and the Practice Management Committee (PMC). Chris understands it’s important to hear the discussion of the issues and viewpoints while being part of the group that develops solutions and strategies. Mr. Greenwood looks forward to seeing many colleagues at EDPMA’s 2021 Solutions Summit on September 26-29 in Fort Worth, Texas.