Run for the 2024 – 2026 EDPMA Board of Directors 

As the only trade association focused on emergency medicine, EDPMA holds a unique role and responsibility in the specialty of protecting the business of emergency medicine. EDPMA’s membership includes emergency medicine physician groups of all sizes, billing, and other supporting organizations.  Together, EDPMA members see or support 60% of all annual emergency department visits in the country and provide direct patient care to 40% of all ED visits. 

The EDPMA Board is a working Board. If elected, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and invest significant time to attend and prepare for Board meetings, actively participate in Committee meetings and lend your expertise and talent on work groups, task forces and projects.


Each member of EDPMA’s 19-member Board serves for a two-year term. In even years, the membership elects 12 member companies and in odd years, seven are elected. There are no term limits.

An important tenant in EDPMA’s governance structure is that every Board member receives one vote, irrespective of size or member category of the organization they represent.  

Since EDPMA is a trade association, the one voting member of each member organization casts votes to elect the Board of Directors.  Each member organization can nominate only one candidate.  

Governing Documents:

What’s Expected

Board service is a serious responsibility that should be thoughtfully considered by the candidate, their company and family. Board meetings occur virtually every other month coupled with hybrid meetings held during our Solutions Summit, our Strategic Planning Retreat in November and ACEP Scientific Assembly.   

The Board of Directors set organizational direction including: 

  • Establishing the strategic plan, annual goals and objectives and monitor progress.  
  • Determining association policy  
  • Approving allocation of resources through the budget  
  • Promoting EDPMA, help recruit and retain members, and champion the organization.
  • Partnering with the Executive Director and staff  

The Board of Directors provides oversight including:  

  • Overseeing fiscal management  
  • Minimizing exposure to risk  
  • Measuring progress to the strategic plan  
  • Monitoring and evaluating programs and services.  
  • Providing oversight of EDPMA’s core mission 

The Board of Directors provide fiduciary responsibilities as follows: 

Duty of Care always using good business judgment and due diligence in decision making
Duty of Loyalty acting in the best interest of the organization and its membership and avoids conflicts of interest.
Duty of Obedience respecting the limits of the board’s power and using that power to help the organization fulfill its mission — while also respecting and obeying the law.   

 The Board of Directors ensures resources such as:  

  • Adequate resources  
  • EDPMA’s public standing   

EDPMA asks individual Board members to:  

  • Consider sponsoring EDPMA programs, exhibiting at our meetings, and/or authorizing and contributing to the EDPMA PAC.
  • Get involved in various aspects of the organization.
  • Join at least one EDPMA Committee.
  • Set the organizational culture.
  • Serve as a brand ambassador. 
  • Being a fully present and prepared Board member. Anticipate investing about an hour prior to each Board meeting to prepare.

Submit Your Board Nomination Materials

2024 – 2026 applications close on January 12, 2024.

2024 Board Meeting Schedule

All virtual meetings are held at 1p Eastern and last up to 90 minutes.  

  • February 20
  • April 26 (9a – 3p PST) during Solutions Summit followed by Board photo
  • June 18
  • August 20
  • October – Hybrid meeting held during ACEP’s Scientific Assembly (Date & Time TBD)
  • EDPMA Strategic Planning Retreat and Lobby Day in Washington DC (Placeholder Dates)
    • Monday, November 11 – Leaders Arrive
    • Tuesday, November 12 – Lobby Day (optional)
    • Wednesday, November 13 – Strategic Planning Meeting Full Day and Board Dinner
    • Thursday, November 14 – Strategic Planning Meeting and Board Meeting (Half Day)
  • December 17 

Nominations close on January 12, 2024.  

Please forward your completed nomination to Cathey Wise

Questions? Contact Dr. Andrea Brault, EDPMA Chair of the Board, or Cathey Wise, Executive Director, at info@edpma.org.