2024 Political Action Committee Recruitment


EDPMA PAC is a federally-qualified political action committee established by EDPMA, the Emergency Department Practice Management Association. The EDPMA PAC is a trade association PAC whose political contributions support elected officials and candidates for federal office who recognize and support the critical role, and value of emergency medicine in our healthcare system.

The EDPMA PAC committee is accepting nominations from employees of its organizational members to serve on the EDPMA PAC committee for a one- year term beginning at Solutions Summit 2024 and ending at Solutions Summit 2025. An organizational member can have only one representative serve on the PAC, and the PAC can have a maximum of 11 members. EDPMA PAC hosts quarterly meetings – three virtual meetings and one in-person meeting during the Solutions Summit. 

The goal of the EDPMA PAC is to support the emergency department practice management industry and the emergency medicine profession in the United States of America. The purposes of the Political Action Committee are: 

  • To promote and preserve a healthcare system that supports the delivery of cost-effective, patient-focused, high-quality emergency medical care. 
  • To actively solicit and receive personal voluntary contributions from the membership of the Association and other federally qualified political action committees and to expend those contributions in support of candidates for federal public office who have demonstrated their general agreement with and support of the above purpose of the Committee; and  
  • To the extent permitted by applicable law, to provide support for efforts critical to the mission of the Emergency Department Practice Management Association, its Political Action Committee, and its leadership role on behalf of the industry nationwide.  
  • To develop programs that encourage the membership of the Association to become involved in the attainment of the political and legislative goals of the Association, its members, and the emergency department practice management industry through personal contributions to the Committee in support of the purposes stated. 

The EDPMA-PAC is not affiliated with any political party and will dispense contributed funds without regard to party affiliation of candidates or incumbents. 

Apply to Serve on the EDPMA PAC 

Application deadline is July 1, 2024. 

Bing Pao, MD, FACEP serves as Chair of the EDPMA Political Action Committee.  

Questions? Contact Cathey at cathey.wise@edpma.org